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Selling out

For 2014, I am considering a novel experiment: purposely trying to make more money.

A perverse inspiration for this is my officemate, DeWayne.

DeWayne moved to this country from Nigeria about 20 years ago and exemplified the classic American immigrant story of working crappy jobs while going to night school in order to provide a better life for his family. DeWayne fell into the world of software testing, and he is currently being paid a handsome sum as some sort of testing expert--but, in reality, he spends most of his day managing the string of gas stations he owns in Maryland. DeWayne takes his job easy because, truth be told, he doesn't need this job. He could quit tomorrow and just run his businesses.

And here's the kicker: DeWayne is terrible at IT. I had to work with him to put together some instructional materials and I was shocked at his inability to understand basic software concepts. We ended up working on multiple versions of the same files because he seemed to find the concepts of document versioning unfathomable. I then had to repeatedly (and never quite successfully) explain the process of importing audio from one piece of software and slides from another piece of software into a third piece of software that stitched them together.

But how stupid is he? He owns four gas stations and could retire from the 9 to 5 tomorrow--whereas I basically break even every pay day. So I am leaning towards buckling down and actually "taking my career or another level"... or whatever. I don't want to be rich: but I do want to not feel like I'm two paychecks from calamity...


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