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"Work" from home

I was started working for a small DC firm on October 1st.  Six weeks before a woman had called me up out of the blue. She said that she was writing a proposal for a contract at the SEC and asked if I could use my resume. Sure, I said. Fine. At that moment I was largely spending my days at work arguing with people about politics online and schlepping over an hour each to do so. So, yes, fine. List me as a “resource” on your “proposal.”   

Then I asked her how much the gig would be paid. She told me a salary that was 30% more than I had been making. Now she had my attention. Apparently I had hung around at that dismal job at the FDIC long enough for someone to decide to slap “senior” before my title.  Great. Then she said the magic words: “And it’s a work from home job. I hope that fits your work style.”  I said something bland about “enjoying the flexibility of work from home opportunities” while I pumped my fists in the air like a frat boy at a strip club.

So on the first I came into the company’s little office to sign some paperwork, and then learned that the SEC was still figuring out the work tasks.  I was advised to go home and “review the SEC website.”  And for a day or two I dutifully read the website, writing down a list of acronyms that honestly leave me only slightly better informed about that the hell I would be doing. 

And since then?  Quite honestly: nothing. And I mean, NOTHING. OK, I’ve practiced banjo a little, did some sporadic reading. Took long lunches. Made nice healthy meals for my lady to come home too. I ran some errands.  Tool long walks around the neighborhood. Puttered around the yard a bit. Today I finished reading A Moveable Feast for a book club I started, Hemingway’s take at the very end of his life on his experiences as a writer in Paris. It made me want to write more and drink more, and since life is a series of compromises I choose the drinking path—walking down to the fantastic restaurant/bar in Hyattsville called Franklins.  But in terms of productive, useful work? Zilch.

I look at my calendar for next week and on Tuesday there is a meeting with the clients. The meeting is like an ugly birthmark on my unblemished calendar. I know these clients are going to be a pain and I know they’re going to want something for the money they’re paying me. My idyll is coming to an end. But my doing nothing at the FDIC was exhausting, and I feel like it was good to balance it with a different flavor of inertia.


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Oct. 26th, 2014 03:47 am (UTC)
work from home
I would love to work from home. I wouldn't have to listen to people clipping their fingernails at their desks,or smell their vile lunches, or deal with their dirty dishes in the sink, or really just have to look at the faces of people I loathe. There was no chance at all to a thin sliver of hope recently.

I'm happy for you that the better job was offered.

Would you recommend A Movable Feast?
Oct. 26th, 2014 10:42 pm (UTC)
enjoy it while you can!
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